Natural-looking Nails with OPI Gel Nails

Nails will have a fresh new glow with OPI gel nails. Since OPI has a reputation built on their commitment to safety, quality, excellence, and innovation, gel nails will surely have an extra oomph. Because of this advancement in artificial nails technology, acquiring long and beautiful nails will be easier.

Gel nails system is form artificial nails. Gel nails fall under two types. The first type is the “light cured” gel. This gel is made by mixing monomers and polymers. In this process, the gel nails are mounted on either the tip or edges of the natural nails with the use of ultra violet light. The other type is the “no light gel”. Unlike the “light cured” gel, this method does not require the use of an ultra violet light. However, the nails should be dipped in the water for a few minutes after the application. Whichever the type may be, OPI gel nails offer a good quality of artificial nails.

When applying gel nails, the shine of the natural nails should be first removed. Then, using a buffer, the gel should then be sculpted with the edges of the natural nails. The application of the adhesive on the gel nail will be done next. The gel will then be placed on the outer tip of the real nail. After that, a stroke of a bonding agent should be spread to the nail. Then, a drop of acrylic powder mixture is applied on each nail. Exposure under a UV light is of course among the steps.

As compared to acrylic nails, gel nails contain a stronger composition. On the contrary, the results are not as durable as that of acrylic nails. In addition, gel nails can offer a more natural appearance. It can give the closest resemblance to the natural nails. This kind of artificial nail system is also non-porous. The application of nail polish over gel nails is also easy. However, a good gel nail product is needed to maximize the result. OPI gel nails system can offer the best quality of a natural-looking nails.

Gel Nails
Gel Nails

Artificial nails are in great demand presently. All women want long and healthy nails. But the nail growth rate of some women is quite low. So, to enhance the beauty of their hands they go for artificial nails. Gel nails are a type of artificial nails. These  gel nails offers …

Gel Nails
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Gel Nails
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