Nonyx Nail Gel

Nonyx nail gel is the best product for nail discoloration caused by keratin buildup under your nail. This keratin debris can become very thick and dark. It may even become a little uncomfortable. This can be very embarrassing if you wear open toed shoes or sandals. If your nails are discolored you probably never go barefoot or wear stylish shoes that show off your toes. Well, there is help out there so you can once again enjoy the summer by taking off your shoes and running barefoot through the sand.

Podiatrists recommend nonyx nail gel because of the products ability to break down the thick keratin build up and helps restore your natural nail.
If your nails do not improve with the use of nonyx nail gel, then seek the advice of your physician.

Nonyx nail gel is an ethanoic acid that is all natural. It works by restoring unsightly nails thickened by keratin and it also soaks into the nail plate to give your new nail growth a hygienic environment in which to grow.

The ingredients in nonyx nail gel are deionized water, ethanoic acid, xanthan gum, and of course fragrance.

You should apply nonyx nail gel one or two drops at a time to the surface of your discolored nails and under the tip of the nail daily after your shower or bath. After your nail appears to be normal again apply nonyx nail gel three times a week after your shower.

With the help of nonyx nail gel you will see such a wonderful improvement in your nails you will no longer be ashamed or embarrassed with discolored nails. You will not want to hide your toe nails under nail polish. But, if you do decide to have your nails done, you will be able to enjoy going to the nail salon and showing off your beautiful toe nails.

Nonyx nail gel will help you rid yourself of the keratin build up and this will help your overall self assurance. You will enjoy going to beach parties and taking off your shoes when tanning or wading in the ocean. You will love showing off your nails and wearing all the new summer shoes that you have been dying to wear.

Nonyx nail gel comes in a 4oz bottle and will last approximately 3 to 4 months. Remember to store it in a cool dry area.

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