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Gel nails for gorgeous hands and feet!


Pink and white; our nails are a beautiful blend of two elegant colors. They look prettier when they are well kept and manicured. However, most of you may find it practically [...]

Glam up your fingers with Solar Nails


Like it or not, your nails influence your outlook significantly. The fingers that have clean, well-manicured nails may be more appealing and sophisticated than those with [...]

Get Acrylic Nails in five easy steps


We all would like to have the complete manicure. It’s a dream for every women and young women to have perfect look for their nails. Yet, most of the girls are not blessed [...]

How to Put on and Remove Fake Nails


The art of mounting fake nails is quite uncomplicated. You will be able to frame them on in a couple of easy steps and make them appear amazing. Fake nails either acrylic or [...]

Keeping your Nail Polish Fresh


I feel it amusive when customers narrate me that they preserve their polish in the icebox.  I can not seem to work out how come.  After hearing from so many customers, i [...]

Nail Art – Past, present and Future


The practice of nail ornamentation has subsisted for the last 4000 years and could be traced to the people of sub continent who beautified their nails with mehndi. Modern [...]

Airbrush Art on nails


Nail art and particularly airbrush nails are becoming very popular now days. Women want to preen themselves and nail art is an excellent mean to enhance their beauty. Every [...]

History of Fake nails

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History of Fake nails can be traced back to Chinese and Greek royal families, which were using these artificial long nails as a status symbol. Long nails distinguish royal [...]

Trendy Nail Polish


Many women are using nail polish to beautify their nails since many years. Nail polish is a compulsory part of your makeup kit. When ever you wear make to attend any function [...]
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