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Pedicure an ultimate treat to your feet

Ever wondered what is the importance of pedicure in your life? Well, most of us don’t even realize that are poor feet that take us around everywhere also needed some pampering after all. The most alive and working creatures ever, all kinds of burdens are on them yet we are reluctant to realize their importance only because they are down there (and mostly hidden under shoes). So what? Does that mean that our feet aren’t being noticed? Well, to tell you the truth, your feet are the first ones to get noticed believe me. And they have a great impact on your personality too. In fact, they tell what kind of person you are. Clean, beautiful feet are enough to impress anyone even if you possess an average face with not-so-attractive features. People judge you with your feet and your shoes too. Don’t you like to notice the other person’s feet as soon as they come to meet you? I am sure you do, because after someone’s face, hands are feet get noticed and leave an immediate impression on the one who is noticing them

Beautiful feet doesn’t certainly mean that you are to go for a plastic surgery to make them look good, neither do you have to apply all sorts of expensive cosmetics in order to make them look presentable. It’s just about following a simple and easy routine of pedicure. Pedicure is a treatment available at Salons where your feet are cleaned, your nails is tidied, shaped, filed and you are also given a relaxing massage. In short, a mesmerizing treats to your feet which will bring them alive once again.

The whole experience is great. Your foot massage relaxes your feet muscles and increases blood circulation whereas your dead skin is also removed and exfoliated. Your feet are all even-toned and there are no dark patches left because the polishing and bleaching makes your feet look fairer and glowing. Your nails are thoroughly cleaned. Using a filer, your nails are given a particular shape that is similar to your natural shape and then your feet are given a moisturizing massage that would make them look years younger.

The whole process of pedicure starts by dipping your feet in Luke warm water for some time. This softens your feet and your nails and allows better cleaning and removing the dirt. Then comes the turn of mixing different ingredients in water like lemon extract a bit of conditioner, shampoo and other stuff so that your dead skin becomes real soft and then it is properly removed, giving your feet an altogether new feel. Nails are given special attention in pedicure. First, with the help of a cuticle remover, your dead cuticles are removed, making your nails look wider and better than before. Buffer is the most important accessory in pedicure, because it will turn your nails extremely shiny, smooth, and glossy. Buffing allows better blood circulation and makes your nails look naturally pink. After nails, comes the turn of foot massage. It is really relaxing and rejuvenating for your feet. Then, in the last a moisturizer is applied to retain the softness and beauty of your nails. Pedicure is a treatment that every woman should take every two weeks at least. In fact even men shouldn’t stay behind in this practice.

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