Putting On Fake Nails

Putting on fake nails to make your hands look more beautiful is fast becoming a trend. You can buy cheap fake nails and make them look expensive depending on how you apply them. How can this be done? Follow the simple steps that I am giving below:

Visit a local beauty supply store. Try to find a set of party nails or full well nail tips and nail glue. When buying nails, you can pick up those which are pre-painted and choose a color scheme that fancies your taste; however, if you want to customize them, you can pick up a set that you can paint yourself. Make sure that you will pick up what will fit your own fingernails. You can tell that the size is right when the fake nails won’t hang over the sides.

If you chose the unpolished fake nails, you can decorate their tips before gluing them to your nails or paint them after fastening them. Make sure that you won’t over glue them. Remember that if you do it the wrong way, there is a risk that you might damage your own fingernails. When applying the glue, start from the center while slowly going to the sides. Do not let the glue get on your skin.

Fasten the nail close to your cuticle but make it a point to leave your cuticle untouched. Once you’re done in placing all the fake nails, file them up based on the shape that you want them to have. You would surely come up with something that will look so elegant.

Fake Nails
Fake nails

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Fake Nails
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Fake Nails
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