Should nails get tax deduction?

Should nails get tax deduction? That is the question that half of you don’t know an answer. I mean we deduct many other expenses, but why not our manicure since we display those flashy nails at work every day?

I mean beauty therapists can deduct meals, parking, the cost of laundry, the cost of anymaterials or supplies that you buy for use at work.

Many of you girls work in various  job category that meet clients, and we use our nails to attract client, can’t the IRS deduct our expenses? Any of you maybe know an IRS tax attorney and ask him this simple question.

I’ve read on a site “Manicures, clothes and makeup are some of the deductions the IRS views as red flags.”

I suggest we keep receipts for all purchases that are work related, and with the help of an tax lawyer maybe we can change the view of IRS.

I want to know your point of view.

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