Solar Nails – A new trend in Nail industry

Ease of use and sensational patterns, combine with various advantages automatically makes solar nails the top choice for women in today’s fashion industry. Women historically spend more time on their tiptop as compare to their counterparts. Now as women are getting more opportunities in different fields, they have less time to spend in order to concentrate more on their work. Therefore, they are looking for alternate to get ready in quick time and should be long lasting, that is the reason solar nails are getting popular especially among working women.

Why should any one be using Solar Nail

They come in different shapes, patterns and colours. Most of the people believed that solar nails are the upgrade version of Acrylic one, as they are longer lasting and durable. However, there is not much different the way both are made and applied. You will often hear from your beautician or from your saloon, that solar nail are the best as they have no adverse effects on your nails.


Whenever you buy something, the first things that come to your mind is what’s the benefits of over the one you are using. Therefore, here are a few of the advantages

·     As mentioned earlier, solar nails are longer lasting and durable. If your acrylic or gel nails last for 2-3 weeks, you can easily extend to 5-6 weeks with your solar nails.

·     Fragility is the biggest issue with such kind of things, yet solar nails are durable and your would not find any crack easily, making it the strongest product in the market.

·     Though the main ingredients are the same, yet they have used a few additional ingredients in it to make it different and durable.



2 steps are generally adopted in the process of engrafting the solar nails on the natural ones. The white part should be placed on your nail, and then pink layer is placed above it. While taking a sunbath common acrylic or gel nails are damaged easily or shrink making them look bad, while there is no such issue with the solar nails. Therefore, you do not have to worry during your sunbath or tanning session.

Only point that goes against these solar nail is their price. They are bit expensive compare to acrylic or gel nails. However, one has to keep in mind that their maintenance is cost is significantly lower. So technically, if you compare both even for their cost, your final choice would be solar nails.

Removing Solar Nails:

One has to be careful while removing your solar nails. You better go to a saloon or in case you want to do it at home, make sure to soak your nails in acetone for 30-40 minutes before scraping it.

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