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Solar Nails best option

Nails are an important feature of the hands and feet as they are the most noticeable thing and can change the entire look of the hands. People go for manicures and pedicure to maintain the beauty of their nails. Some people do not have good nails. The shape of their natural nails is not according to their likings or they have broken and irregular nails. So in order to deal with such conditions people use artificial nails to enhance the beauty of their hands.

Artificial nails are not convenient and durable as they are brittle and not comfortable. They lose their color in heat and become dull and less attractive.


Solar nailsare the best option for the people who use artificial nails most often as they will serve them in a better way as compared to the artificial nails. Solar nails are artificial nails that look like the natural nails.  They have the appearance of French Manicure. They have the pink base and white tips. They are more like acrylic nailsbut are made with a different material.  The method of application is different from that of the acrylic nails. They are applied directly to your own nails instead of providing your nails with extensions.


Solar nails are much expensive than the acrylic nails but are more durable. They are resistant to sunlight and do not lose their color. They have a glossy appearance and do not fade. They are also resistant to breakage. Solar nails are more economical as they can be filled after every 3 weeks.


Mostly women do not prefer applying nail polish to their natural nails as this can cause the color of the nails to fade and the nails can also catch the color of the nail polish and become colored. Most of the women apply nail polish to the artificial nails and not to the natural nails. So in this case solar nails serves the best purpose as they do not fade and the nail removers containing strong chemicals do not affect the natural nails beneath.


To apply the solar nails the technician cleans the natural nails, then buff them and then fill the artificial nail material to make the solar nails stick. Solar nails are the best option for the women to keep long nails. They do not break and are durable. So if you want to be comfortable while working with your hands. 

 Most of the TV stars use solar nails nowadays. They are easy to apply and have a longer life as compared to the artificial nails and are easy to mange. It is easy to take care of them. They look more like the natural nails. The quality that makes them look fresh for a longer period of time is that they don’t become dull and yellow due to the exposure in sunlight and heat and several other circumstances.So I think you must try out the solar nails at least once. You will feel the difference and comfort yourself.


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  1. Jessie Burkhardt // July 6, 2010 at 1:35 pm // Reply

    The truth is that “solar nails” are a made up enhancement product. They are acrylic nails – plain and simple. They are made up of polymer (acrylic powder) and monomer (acrylic liquid). Reputable nail techs all over the world offer acrylic pink and white nails, using white powder for the tips and pink powder for the nail bed. Why this whole “solar nail” thing came about is beyond me. The only real “solar nails” are nail enhancements used with CND branded Solar Powders (if they even make them anymore) – and guess what….it is STILL acrylic.

    Jessie Burkhardt
    Director of Marketing & Communications for NSI

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