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Solar Nails: The Better Option

In the past, acrylic nails were almost synonymous to artificial nails. With the advent of solar nails, however, women now have another option when it comes to beautiful, artificial nails.  

Solar nails are like getting a French manicure, only it is a lot simpler. Once the nails have been prepped, the two-step application process begins. Usually, the technician brushes the white portion of the French nail, and then the pink part is applied over the white part.  

Solar nails are an improved version of acrylic nails. They offer more advantages and benefits, financially, and otherwise. Solar nails may not be less expensive than acrylic nails, but over time, you can gain a lot of savings because you do not have to replace solar nails as often as you would change acrylic nails. In fact, all you have to do is refill them after three weeks, whereas with acrylic nails, you will have to replace them after only a couple of weeks.  

Solar nails, too, are stronger and more durable, so you can wear them without worrying that they will get chipped off easily. They are made of a glossy material, so you get nails that have a beautiful and longer-lasting luster. You do not even have to apply a nail polish to achieve that look, because they are already glossy in appearance. 

If you are fond of going to tanning salons, but are now hesitant because you are wearing solar nails, here is something to definitely smile about: tanning sessions will not damage your solar nails. They will not even cause any discoloration.

10 Comments on Solar Nails: The Better Option

  1. I don’t know where you are getting your information from, but it is inaccurate. The tern “Solar Nails” was termed in the late 80’s to describe a product that doesn’t yellow in the sun. In the late 90’s, the term began to re-emerge as a description of pink & white acrylics. Thats right-acrylics. The funny thing is, the salons that typically advertise this service, rarely use the real Creative Nail Design product.

  2. Just wanted to let you kn0w solar nail are very natural looking, only thing is with in time they turmn yellow no matter what you do.

  3. Now I’m confused- are the solar nails really better and if so, what questions should I ask the salon before getting these nails?

  4. I’m with Brooke. I use nothing but Creative Nail Design and these salons just tell people they can give you this service and don’t use the Creative product.

  5. i am attending school and going to graduate in march and i love solar nails! theyb last so long and they are beautiful but im not sure where to get the product. i really want to learn how to do solar nails the right way can anyone help????????

  6. I agree with Brooke! Where are you getting you info. I also use Creative Nail. I’ve been doing nails for 24 years. I also have to laugh at the part that they are better for the natural nails! What ever product you use the nail bed has to be prepped. To much filing or use of the drill on the natural nail is what causes the damage.

  7. Personally, I love solar nails. I definitely notice a difference between plain old acrylics and solar. Acrylics come off right away for me where as the solar are much stronger. Sure, they’re very hard on the nails and more expensive (but do look more natural too) and great for us pickers & (nail, feet, not the nose, lol). That’s just my experience. Who ever is looking at this, use your own discernment! Laura 😉

  8. I just got solar nails put on. They are beautiful, but was wondering if I can paint them if I want to and is it ok to use non-acetone polish remover on them? Please let me know.
    Thanks so much! Jodi

  9. Solar nails are not for everyone. If you have brittle nails that will not otherwise grow and you want to have fantastic looking, natural nails, then go for it. If you have healthy, well-growing nails, then ask your manicurist which road to take. For example, if you want falsies for an event or for the holiday season, you have to let them know; they will apply accordingly. I have solar nails and have had no problem with them at all. Mine have not yellowed (and I even smoke), are maintenance free until that third week when I get them filled. As with any nails, please make sure that you keep under them clean and free from gunk and srub with a nailbrush to prohibit any infection.

  10. Actually, Solar nails are great! I just had some put on a couple of days ago. They’re beautiful and I don’t have to worry about ruining them or having them come off while I’m doing something rough. Keep in mind, I tackle football players on a daily basis so strong nails are a necessity. Yes, I’m female and I was born that way. Thank you. Anywho, Solar nails are great if your nails are really screwed up (Lord knows mine are) or you would like a design to stay permanent without chipping the paint. The design is part of the nail! It’s so awesome.

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