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Solar Nails

Solar Nails are the next best thing to your own natural nails.

Solar Nails are just like a French manicure with all the pampering but without the hassle. They are applied in a two step application. After your nails have been prepared for the application by cleaning and buffing your nails and preparing the nail plate then your solar nail application can begin.

Solar nails are similar to acrylic but are made with a slightly different product. They are not extensions like other acrylic nails because they are applied directly to your own natural nail.

Solar nails are the no hassle artificial nails. They do not need to have nail polish so after the pink part is added you are on your way

The first thing your nail technician will do to apply solar nails is to brush on the “white part” of the French nail. Then the next application is the “pink part”, which goes over the “white”. The acrylic is the “pink”.

Solar nails do not chip, are long lasting, and also help to strengthen your nails all in a French manicure style. Your nail technician will buff your new solar nails and they will be shiny and ready for anything.

Solar nails only need refilled about every 3 weeks. So, they are more convenient and economical than most artificial nails.

If you like to tan, solar nails are wonderful as they do not turn yellow as some artificial nails do when you visit your favorite tanning salon.

More models and television stars are now using solar nails. They can be applied in less time and last so much longer. These nails are really for ladies on the go. The ease of caring for these nails is incredible. It will be like your own natural nails.

Your nail technician can explain the great advantages to using solar nails instead of other artificial nails. You will be so pleased with your new solar nails that you will not want to ever use any other artificial nail.

When you step out with your solar nails you will not have to worry about them lifting off, chipping, or turning yellow. Just care for your hands and nails like always and you will never have a problem. You will be able to do anything that you normally do without worrying about being easy on your artificial nails.

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34 Comments on Solar Nails

  1. <p>Hello! Where may I find a solar nail distributor for this product? Thanks Sue</p>

  2. I would like info on Solar Nail products in my area of Las Vegas

  3. Solar nails definitely are a better choice than acrylic nails. I’ve been getting them for the past two years and I LOVE them. There’s even alternative colors to white. Where I get my nails done, there’s ALL, but ALL kinds of colors.

  4. were do i find solar nails in tennessee

  5. Just putting this out there:
    Solar Nail IS acrylic! It’a a brand name of a product put on the market by CND (formerly Creative Nail Design) in 1980.
    It’s a great product! It has been for 28 years.

    It baffles me why people are saying it is not acrylic, and some new amazing thing.

  6. Menamum kandil // July 3, 2008 at 1:33 am // Reply

    my 7 year child was born with 2 lost nails and 7 brittle nails.Can your solar nails be applied to her during school time?Is there a suitable size for her hands?where can I find them and how much should I pay?

  7. I live in rural north central Arkansas and wondered if there is a place near me to have this done? I tried them on vacation in Texas and loved them!!!

  8. Hi! I like the Pink and Whites, as I believe is talked about here. However, there are different shades of the pink, and different shades of the white. Does anyone know the most popular colors? Thank you kindly!

  9. inky, I thin Mayra was just trying to tell you that Solar is a better product than *other* acrylic nails. Anyone who has had both can testify to this.

    As to where to buy them, check around at the local nail salons to see who does Solar Nails. Your better prices will come from places where they only do nails and pedicures.

    Menamum kandil, I would not put these on your 7 year old. There is upkeep to these nails and probably not safe for her either. The safety issue comes in if she breaks a nail, it could rip the whole end of her finger causing more harm than she already naturally has. I would suggest going to a beauty store and buying a product called Nailtique. There are at least 3 varieties you can purchase and it goes on like a clear polish. The polish is designed to strengthen nails that are dry, brittle, splitting, etc.

    A word of advice: Don’t let them grow too long without fills. I have done this and today I have cracked my nail across the top from side to side. It barely bled, so I am trying to decide what to do about it as to avoid infection.

  10. I am allergic to solar nails. My tech is using OPI products is there anything we can change to keep this from happening? My cuticles are very dry and when the product is put on, my fingers itch, then dry out

  11. hello i wanted to know how would you apply solar product can it be on a nail tip

  12. I have torn one nail to the bed, can they still apply a solar nail or will I need a tip? Can they use a tip with solar?

  13. i would like to know of where in canada you can get solar nails done

  14. Can you tell me where I might find a salon in the Hemet, Ca. area. zip 92544.
    I want to try them out and see the difference between them and the acryclic. Are they easy to remove if I only want them for a cruise I am going on Aug. 24th. So need to find a place soon.

  15. I have been going to the same salon for 2 years now. I started with tips and regular acrylic, then moved to just putting acrylic on my own nails because I no longer needed tips.

    I work alot with my hands in the garden, computer, hammers, and event Latin dancing. My nails take quite a beating!!!
    BUT with this busy schedule and trying to get into the salon at least every two weeks to get a fill it was almost impossible because I travel alot and simply didn’t have time.

    My guy at the salon would give me that scorned look because I would come in with broken, chipped, flacked nails. So he told me about the Solar nails and said they would work much better for me since its hard for me to get in to see him.

    I’ve had them on for almost 3 weeks now and see a MAJOR difference in the look of them! They are still shiney, no splitting or chipping.

    I will never go back to the old nails!

  16. I have not tried solar. i would love to! ive tried gel, crystal and all the other confusing crap. im guessing if youre “allergic” to the solar its not the solar at all its the MMA, its illegal and salons are still useing it. it is smelly, dangerous and muuuch more rigid and hard to soak off. so they break and pull them off youre nails. do not let them do this!! it will ruin youre nails. i know i used to let them. if they use the dremel on youre real nail. tell them to use a hand file with a low grit! not the ones they use on youre toes. i am goin to try the solar product soon and get a really cool glitter design!

  17. I had solar-nails before, but the process was painful. Do you experience a “burning” sensation on your nail beds? Also, she had the nails irregularly shaped, and my last comment, do you eventually get used to fastening jewelry? I had t hem removed two weks later, and my real nails were literally in shreds. What do you look for when you go to a salon?

  18. I always hear people say they want Solar Nails and not acrylic. Solar is acrylic, I’ve just heard it is alot better, I currently use OPI and I am not very happy, where can I find Solar products in SouthTexas??

  19. Where could I find out a salon that does solar nails in or around the area of boutte, louisiana

  20. I have the same problem as Marie in comment number 10. Can you tell me what to do? I do not know what brand name my salon uses but my cuticles get red and swollen, itchy and then they are really dry. They thought it was the primer they put on before the pink & white powder but they put a new set on yesterday with the new primer (without acid) and it has already swollen and itchy again. Please Help!!!!

  21. Can Solar nails be filled with acrylic powder/nail material. I got solar nails while on holiday and not sure they have them at home.

  22. Ladies, ladies, ladies!! What are you letting your nail technicians do to you?! I’m a nail tech myself, and let me just say a few things… One, if you’re wondering if you have an allergy to acrylic or not, watch your lady next time she’s doing your nails; is she getting product on your skin? That’s usually the number one cause of ”allergies”: OVEREXPOSURE. As far as the burning sensation, redness, and itching, it’s more than likely a combination of aggressive electric filing (IF YOU SEE THE WORD DREMEL IN YOUR SALON, RUN!! ‘Dremels’ are for woodworking and garage work! NOT for fingernails!) a combination of overexposure, and possibly incorrect preparation of your nails. Do NOT let your nail ladies mix products, do NOT let them use Dremels on you, and DO NOT let them pick and pry off your old nails for you (they should be soaked off in acetone)!! Ok, so now that that’s out of the way, you can try Solar Nails, try OPI, talk to your ladies about trying YOUNG NAILS products, it’s all about safe experimenting with different product lines… Good luck ladies!

  23. I hope someone can help me here! I have been getting solar nails for 2 year’s now, yes I love them, but I continue to get white right across my cuticles everytime I have them done. I never see this on anyone else, otherwise my nails look great! I asked my nail technician if the primer should go on before the pink, because that’s what I believe the white lines are from, but she said no, after the pink, because she still has to file them some more. I can’t figure that out, and unfortunately although she a great person, she doesn’t speak very good english (Oriental), so I’m not always sure what she means. Can someone anyone tell me if the primer by the cuticles goes on before the pink or after the pink? Thanks for all and any help 🙂

  24. What are the steps to do the solar nails professionally?Dose it matter what liquid to use?Is it suppose to be solar liquid only?

  25. I have been getting pink & white nails for a while now and I like them but this time when I got them and I put on sunscreen my nails became sticky. Is there anything that can be done to prevent this?

  26. This is the second time I’ve had the Solar nail product applied. They are beautiful nails. However, I have the same redness, swelling, itching, dry fingers. My skin under my nails has turned brown and separating from my nails. Very dry and cracked cuticles. Other than taking them off, and not applying again, is there anything that can keep this from happening?

  27. I had Solar Nails applied several weeks ago and I LOVE THEM!!! They still look the same as the day I got them done….and YES: it IS acrylic; just a different type of powder. My nail tech put the powder/liquid mixture on the entire nail first, used a little nail tip to take it off from the tops for the “French” look, then she applied a white type top on each nail and went over the entire nail. After that, she followed the normal procedures and wow: very nice!

    Other than that, I DO use only OPI for natural nails, and I use it with a basecoat, several color layers and a top coat. It is WONDERFUL for natural nails and artificial nails alike….and I can say that being one who is allergic to EVERYTHING.

    If you are experiencing any redness, soreness or dryness/itching, it USUALLY is from the unsanitary condition of the products or the overzealousness of filing by your nail tech.

    Make sure they take their time, use clean products and do it right; afterall, you ARE paying them to do just that.

  28. Oh…and I should mention that the little nail tip that she used to take off the top of the mixture from the nail was a small metal like contraption that had different nail sizes on it…so she could figure the right “french tip” size for each nail.

  29. I have been getting solar nails for 2 years now. The last 3 times I have gone to either get refills or had them taken off for a new set, after several hours, my fingers get itchy and swollen near the nail beds. My fingers are swollen and a bit itchy for 48 hours and I have to put cold packs and ice on my fingers. I have gone to the same place for 2 yrs, but used a different technician on each of my last 3 visits. Has something changed with me or with what they are using or doing to me? Help.

  30. Hello, i’ve been getting my nails done for about five years now and i’ve tried them all, acrylic, gell and everything but solar is the BEST. I love them they look and feel so much better and they don’t chip and break like gell and acrylic do. Thank God for solar nails!!

  31. I got solar nails done for the first time 2 weeks ago within 3 day to of them had chipped off and a third on within 5 days. its only been 2 weeks and they need filled already. I have had gail nails done lots before and have never had a problem, I wouldnt recomend them

  32. It sounds very much like you have developed a sensitivity to acrylic monomer(the liquid). Possibly from sub-standard nail salons where dangerous MMA monomer is still in use for it’s low price and industrial-strength adhesion; or from sloppy application practices that have allowed excessive exposure of your skin to the monomer.

    Whatever the culprit, you’re allergic now.

    To aid with the immediate discomfort, try applying hydrocortisone cream to your hands, or soak them in some warm water with baking soda. Occasionally over the counter Benydryl can help with the swelling and itching, but if this doesn’t help, or symptoms continue for more than a few days, see a doctor.

    Removing the product from the nails rarely helps as the acrylic cures completely within 48 hours of application, completing the chemical reaction that causes polymerization and rendering the remaining acrylic product nothing more than an inert plastic.

    Once your hands are back in good shape, either work those silk wraps into your budget, or see if you can find a reputable salon that offers hypoallergenic products. More and more products options are arriving on the market that fall into this category– the trick is finding a technician who is proficient in product chemistry who understands what the term “hypoallergenic” means and which products it applies to.

    Silk wraps work because they are a resin-based product, using cyanoacrylate resin (the same chemical that Crazy Glue is made of) instead of a monomer/polymer combination to build the enhancement, with a fabric mesh (silk or fiberglass is most common) to add a little extra strength. Cyanoacrylate resin is far less likely to cause skin irritation (and is also used in some “liquid bandage” products) than monomers, as well as less likely to be allowed to touch the skin. Some technicians think nothing of letting acrylic monomer slop all over the skin, but will work extra carefully to avoid getting resins or gels on the skin! Repeated skin exposure is the top culprit behind developing chemical sensitivities to products!

    Also, a growing number of UV-cured gels are being manufactured now that also qualify as hypoallergenic! CND’s “Brisa” brand gel is a popular one with many qualified nail technicians, as is the brand Light Elegance.

    If you opt for a gel alternative, be sure to research your salon before allowing them to apply product as I continuously hear of salons that are misleading clients by applying traditional liquid and powder acrylic with only a gel topcoat over them and calling them gels.

    True gel enhancements will be built of several layers of gel that is brushed on like polish with each layer being exposed to UV light for a brief period of time before the next layer is applied!

    Another option is powder-glazing. I have heard this referred to as “diamond nails” often enough to have adopted this term for my own menu. I use the product line called “Extreme” by the company Backscratchers, and this brand is very popular, but there are many other companies that produce products for the same technique. It also used a resin, but instead of strengthening with fabric mesh, the nail is dipped into powder while the resin is still wet.

    The powder is acrylic powder, but fear not! as the polymer portion of the liquid and powder combination is chemically inert– with no chemically active components. It’s just ground plastic with some BPO (Benzoil Peroxide) so if you are by chance allergic to Benzoil Peroxide,then stay away from acrylic powders, but otherwise it’ll be fine.

    Hopefully I’ve provided you with some helpful information and not just confused you! Good luck finding a reputable salon professional who can help you with this. You might try the salon locator at to help you find a good technician who offers hypoallergenic services.

  33. I got the solar nails a month ago and since then my nails seem to start having a brown color on the edges of them. I took one of them off and it appears that nail had turned yellow underneath. I never had this happen with the regular acrylic, ones. Also I read that the should not be using dremel tool, this is new to me because every place I have been has used that! The last time I went to have a nail fixed they pride it off and said they were sorry but that was the only way to get it off! Now the one nail I took off (that change brown) is split at the top of my real nail. Should I wait for it to grown out before putting a nail back on?

  34. i have gotten my nails done in the same salon for years,, now i have very itchy fingers, and dry skin. i have the same kind done,, am i allergic to the solor oil, or something else…this hurts so bad,, can u help me….

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