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Stop Nail Biting

Nailbiting, can be unattractive, annoying, and damage their teeth. Parents all over the world worrys about their children’s bad habits and they are also tring to convince their child not to do this anymore.
Stop Nail Biting
Also, parents often punish their children for biting their nails.
There are much effective ways to help your child stop biting his nails.

You should teach your child to crochet or knit. When they are occupied with creating things out of yarn, they will not remember to bite their nails, and their hands will be too occupied to do something else.

Give children lots of toys to play with. Play games with them, games that are keeping them far from biting their fingernails. As you know, children are very creative so harness their nervous energy.

Take your child to get a professional manicure. This procedure is sometimes a good one; it’s easier to stop nail biting when your fingernails look really good and nice. At the very least, it can be excellent mother-daughter bonding time! Don’t you think?

Use bitter nail polish. You can find it at almost drugstores. This nail polish is clear and also a litte bitter, so that once the fingernails go in the mouth, the child (or even adult!) tastes a very unpleasant flavor (but harmless), reminding them not to do it again ever.

Do not punish your children for nail biting.
Children find it not easy to stop a habit, just like adults, even if they are aware that it is a bad habit.
You can use some encouragement and compassion, rather than harsh and difficult punishments.

If you are worried you should take your child to the doctor .
If the nail biting seems like a sign of a high level of anxiety, you should talk to your child, and take him/her to the doctor if you think you need help.

15 Comments on Stop Nail Biting

  1. THe thing about crotheting and knitting wont work because as soon as they finish (which will be quickly due to their lack of interest) they will continue to do it.

  2. to stop bitting just put on fake nails – your nails will grow underneath the fake nail in the same shape as the fake nail. you cant bite them either. its the easiest way to stop. i did it and i now have long healthy beautiful nails!!!!!

  3. i used to bite my nails ever since i can remember. When i turned 18, i finally stopped biting my nails!! I did this by, going to get acrylic nails with my best friend for the first time and i loved the look of long nails… now, a year later, i have long beautiful natural nails and i love going to the salon for a manicure!!!

  4. I have been biting my nails for 42 years! I have tried most things even the foul tasting polish but have had know success. I have been thinking of finding someone to apply false fingernails for a man but I haven’t been too successful with this either.

  5. I’m 29 and have been biting my nails all my life. Then I realized my mom was right all along, it is unattractive, and so now I actually much better at not biting. Tip for all you guys out there:
    1) Look at other guys’ hands and make an opinion about them.
    2) Schedule nail care and make it a habit to look at your nails. Once you start caring and paying attention to them it’s easier actually wanting to stop biting them.
    3) Ask your friends of the opposite sex what they think about poorly groomed nails.

    Good luck /M

  6. ive just recently quit biting my nails, and like some of you others i have been biting ever since i was old enough to figure out how to do it. so its been 19 years of nail biting for me lol. i simply quit but just finding things to do with my hands lol i havent needed the fake nails to help me do this, and i will admit it has been hard. not only am i a constant nail biter but i also bite the inside of my lip. my mom took me to the doctor and put me on valume said that it would take off the ease. sometimes u just need a lil bit of professional help 😉

  7. (to Jamie) I crochet AND knit and i havent had a problem since i started doing that–which has been a whoppin 5 years.

  8. I have been biting my nails and heard about fake nails I went to a salon that my big sister and I’m wearing them right now and it’s actually working
    And my nails are growing and I just took them off
    And my nails look flawless and I don’t feel the temptation to bit them off they look pretty

  9. I am 11 years old and have been biting my whole life! I had gotten a professional set of acrylics put on and within less than 24 hours chewed them off! I get the glue on ones at the store but they come off easy. It is a bad habbit but I cant stop. If u think u hav a solution then leae a comment! Thanx

  10. I heard that dipping your fingers in formalgahyde (emballming stuff) twice a day, helps them grow fast and instantly makes you quit biting them as it is so nasty, the thought and the taste yuk. Now where do I get formalgahyde? I am sick of short nails. and fake ones hurt too bad and are too much to maintain.

  11. I’m 13 and i am still biting my nails. Over christmas i stopped biting my nails and they looked really good but now i got really stressed about all the work in year 8 so if you have any tips for me to stop very very quickly i would love you forever. Thanks J

  12. i am 11 years old.i always bite my nails!!they look so ugly.i have had 2 sets of fake nails so far,im wearing one now.i only use glue ons and soon im going to get it done proffessionaly.right now my nails look cute!!!!

  13. I am 10 years old and I just started to bite my nails THIS YEAR! From 1 day old to 9 years old I have had absolutely no temptation to bite them. Untill now. My mom and I both think it’s a horrible habit- but i can’t stop myself! I think i learned the habit from my friends. My friends always would bite their nails and mine looked perfect! but now i have the same problem as them- damaged teeth- unhealthy nails- and… ugly nails! I have heard of nail polish that tastes horrible but- No drug stores I have gone to have it! I am not into knitting. And I not the type who likes FAKE nails. Can some one help me to have natural, long, healthy, and pretty nails?

  14. I’m 21, and a nail biter. It bothers me more that people around me make comments about it – quite nasty ones too! For special occasions such as weddings I wear fake nails, and yeah it is a confidence boost because apart from my nails I have lovely hands (believe it or not I work in a salon… !) But I found the bitter polish affected the taste of my food when I prepared it by hand (which other people eating with me noticed!) and the skin around my nail flared up when I put it on. Excuses, yeah I know. It’s not easy and I feel for all these younger girls here because I felt that pain too! I found I stopped for a few years when I had my braces though (from about 14-17) so maybe you wont pick it back up like I did!

  15. Like Sophie, I stopped biting my nails when I had braces (terrible two years, can I just say), but I also still bite my nails… but not as much… I can grow nails, but they just break, and it’s discouraging! Getting fakes on Saturday…

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