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Stronger nails: learn more about beauty tips

Nails are most prominent part of your body. Maintaining you nails is as important as taking care of your hair and other body parts. Many people think that it’s complicated to maintain healthy nails. Strong and beautiful nails are the signs for good health. As nails are the beauty of our hands so they should be keep cleaned and healthy. There are many ways to keep your nails healthy. By applying different applications you can keep your nails look shinny, natural and flexible. Regular application of cream or moisturizer protects your nails from being rough and damaged. Using natural nail strengtheners which is chemically manufactured can damage your nails and thus prone to break and make them less flexible. Dehydration also causes frequent nail splitting so in such case you must increase your liquid intake. Do not apply frequent nail paints; they will damage your nails.

There are few tips which you can follow to have healthy nails instead of rough or splitting nails. Do not shorten your nails with nail clipper; always try to use emery board to file them to size. To protect the tips of your nails, must apply top coat almost every day. Do not use nail polish remover at daily basis. Many experts have noticed that nail polish removers will dry your nails specially those containing acetone. So try to use it once a week. Always apply any cream or moisturizer after washing your hands with soap because soap may cause dryness to your hands and nails. So always keep moisten your cuticles with Vaseline or moisturizer. And also apply cream or moisturizer before going to bed at night. Never try to remove nail color with help of metal stick or while scrapping or even pushing back your cuticles, this will scrape off protective cells of your nails and hurt cuticles. Always remove cuticle with cuticle remover. Try to avoid nail biting habit it is quite destructive for both cuticles and nails and it can also lead you to stomach infection by deforming nails.


Always try to use quality nail colors which do not damage your nails. Cuticles are very important for protection of your nails, so always try to maintain them by using cuticle pushing tools like rubber tipped cuticle pusher or rosewood stick. Do not remove the whole cuticle, just trim them slightly. In case of strong growing cuticles, you must use cuticle liquid remover or softener. The best time to manicure your nails is after dish washing or after a shower. These activities easily remove dirt out of your nails and make them soft enough. A great manicure and pedicure gives an extra neat and healthy look to your nails. Manicure and pedicure secures your nail from damages. Taking good care of your nails protects your nails being smudged and stained, breaking or torn nails. So always try to keep follow these instructions to keep your nails neat and healthy.

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