The Art of Airbrush Nails

The technique of airbrush nails is another remarkable breakthrough in the field of nail art. It is a notable advancement that enables a nail artist to go beyond what a usual nail polish can offer. It provides more flexibility in terms of the application of designs. Through an airbrush machine, air source such as air compressor, airbrush stencil, and nail colors, the nails may then be a canvas of creativity.

In airbrush nails, there is a bigger room for imagination. The technique allows intricate detailing and a more polished result. To achieve a one of a kind look, designs are often overlapped and painted in different colors. However, this art is not really easy to master. Aside from the quality of tools, an overflowing enthusiasm and consistent determination are also needed to learn this nail art technique. In the same manner as any other crafts, practice is the primary key in developing a skill in this art.

The right choice of tools is very significant for an aspiring nail artist to succeed in this nail art technique. The most important is the airbrush. It comes in either single or double action. Control is greater in double action airbrush since paint and air are consoled by a single trigger. The airbrush needs compressed air in order to function. Among various air sources, an air compressor is the most used. CO2 tanks and air propellant cans are among the other options.

Proper application, of course, should be observed. Before the application, the artist should ensure that the nails of the client are clean. After applying the base coat, a white coat should be applied before starting with the design. In applying the design, always remember to apply color contrast. Also, it is better to start with the lighter shade first since darker shades cannot be made lighter again. Add these basic steps with the right tools, a lot of skill and hard work for a good application of airbrush nails.

Airbrush Nails
Airbrush Nails Pics

Airbrush nails pics

Airbrush Nails
How to Airbrush Nails?

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Airbrush Nails
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