The five basic rules of beautiful fake nails

Whether you are new to the craft or technician for years it’s good to keep in mind five basic rules of beautiful nail. If you follow these guidelines, then surely you will get fake nails charming, and customers will be proud and happy with them.

Now let’s follow this rules

Make sure that the thickness of the nail at the tip to be maximum is twice the thickness of the natural nail. It is an illusion that thick nails are stronger. In fact, if false nail is too thick means it has too much material at the top, which will inevitably lead to broken nails. Extra thick nails are unsightly, and by far it is clear that it is false and poorly executed.

Free edge of the nail tip width should be as natural nail width, the extension should be continued natural nail if nail square. On nails extreme forms must be fully complied correct application procedure and construction that form template. If you do not care about this, especially right angle will get some nails, shovel, an abomination. Peter avoid these shovel-shaped nails using tweezers, and tighten the free edge of the nail gel while construction is still not fully cured.

It is important that your nails when you build edges to be straight and all other construction, not to sit down. If you already fail when constructing Corner (looks down) then over time as natural nails will grow their top will increasingly be bent more than 1-2 weeks and her client’s nails look like claws eagle. And I do not think it’s too many ladies who to like this.

Regardless of the desired shape, no false nails should never be plate (in any direction)! Many make this mistake after mistake explaining as something intentionally, and flat nails are beautiful. Do not be fooled, and do not try to trick or clients. Look a little to your natural nails and note that if healthier nails are curved both longitudinally and transversely. Know that nail curves are not only beautiful but also important for nail strength, apex role in resistance with nail this point “C” is the point of support of false nails!

French nails are always in fashion, and are very popular with clients. Take extra care when making french nails, because although apparently easy, is not easy to build perfect french nails. First smile line should be! Frech is unsightly nail right on the head. There must be a smile (a curve) in French, which may be easier or more pronounced, as the taste of the client and technician. You can possibly guided by client or by finger tip curvature lunula for smile line. The second important thing is the length of french. Some prefer french few millimeters thin, some like long french with a length of the nail. Any length you choose, take great care that the length french be the same on all nails, so nails will look flawless and beautifully executed!

Have a nice day!!!

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