The Habit of Biting Nails and its Effects

Nail biting is always considered as a bad habit. People who are around you will be distracted when they see you doing that in public. Having the reputation of a nail biter will not be good for you; therefore, you should try to stop it as soon as possible.


Nail biting is actually the result of stress. If you’re into it, you are displaying your emotional state to other people. This means the sign of stress is showing in your behavior. It doesn’t mean though that the person who bites her nail is a weak type of person. It also does not necessarily mean that she is emotionally troubled. It is just one sign of stress. There can be other signs but the person who is involved may be showing it in different ways and not just in biting her nails.


Aside from this fact, nail biting can also bring irritable damage. This habit can lead to infection because it exposes your nails to germs. Not only that, you will be prone to acquiring intestinal worms because dirty nails can bring parasites into your body.


The nail biting habit is a behavior that can be controlled or totally eliminated. To be able to do this, your decision will matter a lot. You have to come up with a solid decision that you will work it out. This is the first step of the process. The desire to stop the habit should come from your heart.


Controlling or eliminating the problem is not an overnight matter. It needs patience and continuity. In short, you have to commit yourself to the process to see results. Think about the disadvantages of biting your nails in a frequent manner. It is not just a bad, disgusting habit; it will also bring adverse effect to your health. These reasons are enough to make you decide to stop in biting your nails.

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