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The Manicure and Pedicure that will Fit Him

Nail Care for Men – the Manicure and Pedicure that will Fit Him

Most people say that men should not be particular about their nails as women are. True, men may not be that enthusiastic when it comes to nail beautification, but that does not mean that they should not take care of them. Nail care is still a part of grooming and it doesn’t really matter if you are a woman or a man; you still need to have those clean and presentable at all times.Those men who are working in places that get their nails frequently dirtied will need to pay more attention on nail care. The same thing applies for men who get exposed to various people each day. Remember that if you are the type of person who often has appointments, parties or seminars to attend, and so on; your nails should be in a condition that will not put you to shame. For this reason, you should make sure that they are fit to be seen.  

Nail care for men might not be as detailed as that of women’s. It can be done at home or with the help of a salon professional. You can seek a manicure and pedicure provider in your area if you prefer to have someone else do it for you. At least, you know that you are in the hands of an expert who knows what’s best for your nails.

However, if you want to save, you can simply buy a complete manicure set and do it at home by yourself. Just don’t forget to apply cuticle oil after you’re finished with the manicure and pedicure session. That should keep your nails and the skin around them moisturized.

A complete manicure / pedicure set can be bought from beauty shops, pharmaceutical stores, health stores and others. There are also nail polish types that would fit a man. They may be included in the package or you may have to purchase them separately.

4 Comments on The Manicure and Pedicure that will Fit Him

  1. Hmm… my nails are really bad. Perhaps I’ll go get a ‘man’ icure set lol. Sorry, I had to throw that in. Really though. I just pulled my hangnail off today and it hurt like hell cause I had to write with my bloody finger. I just wish I could fit a pair of nail clippers inside of my wallet. I would go get a bag of some sort to put stuff in, but people would think I’m gay (i’m not btw).

    p.s. pencil shavings inside fingernail not recommended =(

  2. i am a nail bitterand am thinking of a set of acrylic nails because mine ar almost noexist. will this be to femine for a man?

  3. James,

    Have someone put on Garlic Nail polish for you. It will prevent you from biting your nails and allow them to actually grow out, as the taste is SO GROSS!!!

  4. Anon,

    They have the top of nail clippers that you can attach to your key ring…try one of those (similar to the ones you will find on an army knife).

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