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The Next Big Thing? Solar Nails

Solar Nails is basically a brand of acrylic manufactured by Creative Nail Design. It is one of the original brands, and true acrylic nothing more. They have the appearance of a French manicure with a pink nail bed and white tips. Some nail salons prefer regular acrylic nails in a French manicure style as solar nails. Solar nails are usually expensive than acrylic but they do not have to be filled as often. They require to be touched up every three weeks, as opposed for every two weeks for acrylic. The solar nails are also more durable than acrylic products and also the sunlight does not affect the solar nail where as the acrylic have the tendency to turn yellow over time.


According to different users of solar nails, these have a glossier appearance than the other type of nails. Acrylic nails are usually applied as an extension to the natural nail, while the solar nails are always directly applied to the nail bed. While taking care of one’s natural nails is always the best and healthiest option, it is time consuming and labour intensive. But with solar nails one does not have to worry about being easy on the nails. Women who are fond of artificial nails may be surprised to discover that solar nails are able to offer them more and better benefits. Having beautiful nails is always an important aspect of beauty. How ever most of the women are still using the acrylic and gel nails. First and foremost, what give the solar nail its clear advantage is the refill feature. With acrylic nail it is necessary for you to change them after using them for maximum two week no further than that, where as solar nails can be refilled after every three weeks. This helps you to experience better convenience and also you can save a lot of money which you were going to spend on other variety of artificial nails.


Achieving stronger and more lasting nails is another advantage you receive from solar nails. When it comes to wearing other artificial nails caution is always a requirement, since the slightest pressure could cause your nail to break or disfigure. Solar nails do not have this similar feature to the other nails because they are created using sturdy and top quality materials for adding long lasting strength. These are the next big thing for the women who are fond of wearing artificial nails. The dream of every women/girl is the same of having beautiful hair, skin and of course nails. With the use of solar nails you don’t have to worry about damaging of these nails even during your regular tanning sessions. Now day’s models and other T.V stars are using these solar nails. They can be applied in less time and last much longer. These nails are really for ladies on the go. The ease of caring for these nails is incredible; it will be like your own natural nails. Once you try these you will be so please with your solar nails that you will not want to use any other artificial nail.

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  1. Oh boy. I haven’t had my nails done in such a long time. Since my wedding, I think! (Yikes. Maybe I’d beettr get on that.) I really liked acrylics, but they grow out quickly, and they are stuck to your nails. No getting them off easily. When you do get them off, your nails are trashed. It’s kind of gross. But they look really nice. If I could go a single day without getting white board marker dust in my hands and nails at work, I’d get them again. Maybe. The cost is another thing to consider…

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