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Twinkle everywhere you go with fake nails

Who doesn’t have a bad nail biting habit? I know I do; and so do thousands of other women out there. So, does that mean they don’t deserve beautiful nails still? Well, of course they do! They deserve it just as much as everyone else would! Why, I hear you ask? Well, because these women shouldn’t let their habits hinder their beauty. What better way to look gorgeous and yet get a day off for pampering than going to the parlor to get your hands decorated with just the most gorgeous fake nails? There are several types of subcategories in the heading and most people will go with whatever they choose that will be in order with their preferences. You can always look gorgeous when your hands do the talking and hence, it would be advised that you take a day off work, relax and enjoy yourself while still taking a shot at ultimately beautifying yourself.


Believe it or not, the concept of fake nails dates back to the late eighteenth century when women would apply items such as shells on their nails in order to show the middle, working class that their power was greater and therein, they did not have to work. It was more so, a symbol of great wealth. However, with the nineteenth century, women in Europe began to go all out with the craze and soon enough, the whole world was boasting about the wonders that were called fake nails. These beauties are actually fun to apply; you can even apply acrylic paint on your nails and in order to elongate your bitten nails, you can add small tips of plastic to the edges for them to look completely natural and wonderfully made. Whenever you’re going out at night, you would be advised to use these nails because they always let you shine and sparkle; no matter where you’re going.

The best part about going with fake nails is the fact that you get to choose from a variety of different methods; you can even get to mix and match your own methods in order to come up with something that is completely out of the ordinary. Moreover, you also get something that is extremely new to the general market: the fact that you get to choose a UV Top Coat; nail paint that hardens under ultraviolet light. Moreover, some women also choose to go for smoother textures in the form of fiberglass or silk wraps and while these are some of the most complex forms of nail art, they are also the most gorgeous.

Therefore, when you’re choosing which form of fake nail art to choose, make sure you’re considering all the perks that you would be offered while still keeping in mind the advantages and disadvantages of these beautifying techniques. Most fake nail applications made of plastic harm the skin under the heat and you have to make sure you don’t expose your nails for way too long because at the end of the day, you’ll be left with something much larger than simply bitten nails.