Well designed nails add to your beauty

Attending a formal function or a wedding can be very thwarting sometimes, particularly, when you feel that apart from your face, your hands, and feet also need to undergo a long beauty treatment or you had broken your nail last night. Besides this you have to do the regular preparation as well such as, you need to get a trendy hair style, choose a dress according to function, and so on.

Some times after doing all preparation when you take a look at your hands, they badly disappoint you. You can enhance beauty of your nails by doing nail art on them, its very much in fashion again. Archeologist and historians find that women since ancient times were familiar with this art. In many tribes still the tradition of decorating body and nails is still in practice. So you can say nail art is also an ancient instinct in women which has been revived again. Teenagers are madly following this trend, and you can get lots of accessories to do nail art.

The motive behind wearing the accessories and purchasing miscellaneous products is that you are judged by your outlook the minute you leave the premises of your house. Everyone desires to make their likes and dislikes public, so you will quickly get remarks on your fashion style instantly from your friends and colleagues. Females, in all societies, have decorated their nails in one way or other. It is natural instinct of all women to make their body more appealing to opposite sex.

It is very unfair that you beautify all your body parts with accessories and your nails are just painted with nail paint. Now days all salons are providing manicure and pedicure services plus they have expert artist to decorate your nails if you want. Nail art is decorating your nails with innovative and appealing designs, it will make your finger tips more eye catching in parties. It is not painstaking like tattoo designs, you just choose accessories for your nails just like other things. Nail art not only gives you freedom to make your own style statement, it also depicts your fashion ideology.

Nail art is not a simple method of blending different nail paints and adding glitter to, it is a proper creative art just like any other artistic phenomenon. You can use things such as gems, metallic beads, crystals and other plastic mosaic pattern in nail art. This gives the artist even more creative ideas and liberty to create the various patterns as required by client. Many times, teen age girls paste stickers on their nails which are beautifully designed by computer graphics or by hand. You can also buy a complete ready to use nail art kit from any store. Some salons also offer their own exclusive designs. They have artists on their panel, which give beautiful cuts to your nails and accessorize them in a very modern way. You are might be thinking it would be too expensive for you, no there are many brands which have their nail kits in different price ranges. I am sure if you will search you can get a very good piece on very reasonable price.

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