What are solar nails?

Nails are considered as the most important aspect of hands’ beauty. The women are always beauty conscious. For the beauty of hands women usually get manicure, use artificial nails and apply nail polishes. The hands with ugly and irregular nails are covered mostly with artificial nail extensions. But, due to many reasons, the artificial nails were not the best alternative to natural nails. Usually they are unattractive, uncomfortable and hard to wear. But now the research has found better option than using artificial nails.

Solar nails are the best option for the women who like to keep long nails but can not keep long nails due to different reasons. Sometimes, the women get their nail broken while they are growing. For this reason, they prefer using artificial nails on certain occasions. It has been found that artificial nails are not healthy. Along with this, most of the artificial nails do not give a natural look. This affects the overall personality of women using artificial long nails.

When it comes to apply nail polishes, women usually try to use artificial nails instead of applying nail polishes on their original nails. This is done to avoid the harmful effects of chemicals in nail polishes. The excessive use of nail polishes makes the nails pale colored. Artificial nails are used to avoid this yellowing of natural nails. Also the women, who are health conscious, do not keep long nails. And on special occasions, they use artificial nails. But the artificial nails never gave perfection in the beauty of hands. This problem has been solved by solar nails.

You must now be thinking that what solar nails are! What are they made of! And how they are superior to artificial nails? Now you can enhance the beauty of your hands with solar nails. The benefits of solar nails would surely surprise you.  Actually the artificial nails are stuck using several types of gels and glues. Solar nails are similar to the acrylic made nails but it is different in the way that it uses improved material. The material of solar nails makes it durable for around four weeks maximum. When you feel that your solar nails need a refill, you can get them done with great ease.

The artificial nails turn out to be yellow but solar nail do not. Another benefit of using solar nails is that they are durable. The material of solar nails is quite similar to healthy natural nails which do not break off while working. So you can wear them all the time without fearing the breakage. Another important thing about them is that solar nails are not like extension nails. The artificial nails are applied on the natural nails as extensions which is unhealthy for your natural nails. Where as the solar ones can be applied on the natural nails as they are not extensions. Usually the artificial nails require transparent nail polishes to shine. The solar nails do not require anything else to make them shine as they are made of material which shines like original nails. They always give you fresh and polished look. But excessive use of anything can be harmful. If you will continue using the solar nails or any kind of artificial nails, you may develop several medical problems. So be moderate in its use.


Find out below in this video how to to a full set of solar nails in 11 minutes.

Solar Nails
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