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What are solar nails?

Nails are considered as the most important aspect of hands’ beauty. The women are always beauty conscious. For the beauty of hands women usually get manicure, use artificial nails and apply nail polishes. The hands with ugly and irregular nails are covered mostly with artificial nail extensions. But, due to many reasons, the artificial nails were not the best alternative to natural nails. Usually they are unattractive, uncomfortable and hard to wear. But now the research has found better option than using artificial nails.  

Solar nails are the best option for the women who like to keep long nails but can not keep long nails due to different reasons. Sometimes, the women get their nail broken while they are growing. For this reason, they prefer using artificial nails on certain occasions. It has been found that artificial nails are not healthy. Along with this, most of the artificial nails do not give a natural look. This affects the overall personality of women using artificial long nails.  

When it comes to apply nail polishes, women usually try to use artificial nails instead of applying nail polishes on their original nails. This is done to avoid the harmful effects of chemicals in nail polishes. The excessive use of nail polishes makes the nails pale colored. Artificial nails are used to avoid this yellowing of natural nails. Also the women, who are health conscious, do not keep long nails. And on special occasions, they use artificial nails. But the artificial nails never gave perfection in the beauty of hands. This problem has been solved by solar nails.  

You must now be thinking that what solar nails are! What are they made of! And how they are superior to artificial nails? Now you can enhance the beauty of your hands with solar nails. The benefits of solar nails would surely surprise you.  Actually the artificial nails are stuck using several types of gels and glues. Solar nails are similar to the acrylic made nails but it is different in the way that it uses improved material. The material of solar nails makes it durable for around four weeks maximum. When you feel that your solar nails need a refill, you can get them done with great ease.  

The artificial nails turn out to be yellow but solar nail do not. Another benefit of using solar nails is that they are durable. The material of solar nails is quite similar to healthy natural nails which do not break off while working. So you can wear them all the time without fearing the breakage. Another important thing about them is that solar nails are not like extension nails. The artificial nails are applied on the natural nails as extensions which is unhealthy for your natural nails. Where as the solar ones can be applied on the natural nails as they are not extensions. Usually the artificial nails require transparent nail polishes to shine. The solar nails do not require anything else to make them shine as they are made of material which shines like original nails. They always give you fresh and polished look. But excessive use of anything can be harmful. If you will continue using the solar nails or any kind of artificial nails, you may develop several medical problems. So be moderate in its use.


Find out below in this video how to to a full set of solar nails in 11 minutes.

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  1. A Licensed Oregon Nail Tech // January 4, 2010 at 9:16 am // Reply

    I wanted to point out to you that although you have many great points to make as to why someone may be a good candidate for nail enhancements there is a major inaccuracy in your post. Solar Nails…..Solar Nails has become a generic term for pink & white also know as a french style, white tips pink nail bed. Solar Nails are acrylic, not natural, the product does not contain any “healthy” ingredients that are better for the client. Solar Nail was a brand name used by CND (Creative Nail Design) for a line of their acrylic, They have since stopped using that particular name. I also feel very confident in saying that most ‘strip mall’, ‘chop shop’, ‘non-standard salons’ do NOT use CND products. I feel comfortable estimating that 90% of the time when a gal goes for a 25.00 full set of ‘solar nail’ she is getting pink & white acrylic….not CND brand Solar Nail product. Therefore she is not getting “Solar Nail’. Solar Nail simply means acrylic applied in the appearance of a french manicure. And ALL nail enhancements including acrylic should be rebalanced every 2 weeks!

  2. Licensed Ohio Tech // January 13, 2010 at 2:19 pm // Reply

    I would deffinately adgree with the nail tech from Oregon.They are using the term solar nail to make people think it is different then the product they used before when in reality it is the same.I use solar nails but because I don’t use the term solar I have lost some to the chop shop.

  3. Chris Schroeder // March 21, 2010 at 8:17 pm // Reply

    I went to a shop for 8-10 years but both husband and wife stopped doing nails and now manage only. I’ve tried other girls but none are as good as owners. This place used a higher end product they called pink and white. I’ve found a shop near home where the male owner has great technique but uses cheaper product that is not working for my nails. Every fill shows lines and I’d like to continue near home but owner has to buy a higher end product that works for me. I tried 2-3-4 other shops too and they all are a mess over the one I went to for all those years. I’d be willing to buy my own product but don’t know what I should buy that is the better product. Nails don’t hold up even 2 weeks.

  4. Chris Schroeder // March 21, 2010 at 8:25 pm // Reply

    I went to owner 10 years but owner manages now. Other girls not satisfactory. Know used higher end product they called pink and white. Found new place owner has great technique but uses cheap product not working on my nails. Fill shows lines but I need better product. Don’t hold up much over a week. Tried other shops too and no one duplicated product that worked. I’m willing to buy own product but don’t know what I should buy that is the better product.

  5. I’m so confused and the more I research, the more confused I am. I am a licensed cosmetologist and had some nail training. I would like to start doing more with it but I’m trying to figure out what solar nails really are. Customers have told me solar nails stay on and aren’t brittle like acrylic. Also they can be buffed and worn natural unlike acrylic. What product do I need to do solar nails and where can I buy them? Thanks to anyone that can help

  6. Well thank-you both so much for clearing the air on that. I just couldn`t grasp the concept or terminology `solar nail` sounds more like they need to be charged in sunlight to shine or something lol!
    But seriously, thanks alot, it makes a real difference in ones opinion when all the facts are in.
    I`ve done nails for years, and I have perfected the perfect natural color, and people everywhere ask me how long it took to grow them that long, and how do you get them to look so real.
    I tilt my head back slightly and sigh, ancient chinese secret. If I told everyone my secret, then it wouldn`t be a secret right
    Many thanks


  7. Well, I read the article and as many of the comments as I could take and in my opinion alot of them are posturing and opinon only and not fact. I have worn acrylics for the past 25+ years but for the first time 3 weeks ago had “solar nails” applied and they are indeed “solar nails” and not just another pink and white. I’ve been using a pink/white system for more years than anyone I’ve seen in here and I can tell you that without a doubt..there IS a vast difference between a solar nail and a pink/white nail of say, Tammy Taylor, OPI, Lee, etc. I would get solar nail every time I had my nails done if I could find a salon here in AZ that did them or if the studios that DID do them understood and could speak English. I love my solar nails and am going to miss them. They are more durable, keep their shape, do NOT need polished, do NOT yellow but I’ll be darned if anyone can give a coherent answer or truth about what the materials really are and how to remove them when it comes time.

  8. I am in the research process phase of learning all there is about Solar Nails as my sister has them and I have been contemplating on having them put on as well. I have never even had a manicure in my life and only one pedicure in my life!
    My own nails are becoming more brittle/peeling and hard to grow. I find that I need to polish them over again much sooner than I used to. I am assuming that it’s my age (49) and all has something to do with the lovely symptoms of peri-menopause!

    I know it is a commitment to have the Solar Nails with the filling in, etc. every so many weeks but they DO look so nice and provide less upkeep on my half with me painting my own every few days.

    My concern like most people is: How do I know that it is the actual Solar Nails and not some other brandname or Solar Nails “wanna be” brand?? Once they apply them, they’re on! It would make me quite upset to make this decision and then have it all messed up with some goofy other brand name!

    I have a gift certificate at a local nail place where I live, one customer said she really likes it there. They said at the salon that they do the Solar Nails OPI, and used some words like Pink and White….. Anyway, it was greek to me as I have never had my nails done. What does this mean? Are they being up front and honest with me or is it some other kind of Solar Nails? Any advise or at least what “terminology” should I be up to speed with so I can ask some intelligent questions about these Solar Nails? Thanks in advance to anyone with knowledge! 🙂

  9. I have been doing nails for over 15 years, and all of my clients can go past 2 weeks and no lifting; with the acrylics that I do. I actually had a woman who went a month without getting her nails done, and I PROMIS you, there was no lifting. My nails look very natural and I have people asking me all the time if I am wearing gel nails because they are so natural looking and thin as well. I use only CND acrylic products with the Moxie liquid.

  10. I’ve used Acrylic or Gel nails for about 1 year –I just recently had them removed because my nails were aching and the expense was herendous- I truly beleive they are not healthy at all for you and would not recommend them to anyone- My natural fingernails are short now, but I will grow healthy, strong nails on my own from now on- I made a big mistake by ever using them to begin with-

  11. I’ve had acrylics, and yes they stay on with no lifting but after about a month they yellow. I have to have Polish on them or they look gross. Unfortunately I work in food service and cannot have any Polish at all on my nails. My hands are in water alot and my nails are weak to begin with. For my customers safety, I get tips and nails. I found a place (in Arizona) that does solar nails. I don’t have Polish and they look like real nails! They last longer than acrylic nails, in my opinion. I am very hard on my nails and very rarely break these. I only have to take them off and put on new tips about once every 2.5 months. They don’t yellow like other nails do. The place I go to does do regular acrylic, but I gladly pay a little more for solar nails

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