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Why Gel Nails Are A Good Choice For Your Fake Nails


Why Gel Nails Are A Good Choice For Your Fake Nails

 If you have long been planning to try getting fake nails, among the best choices are gel nails. Other types of fake nails include fiberglass nails, acrylic nails, and linen nails, among others. However gel nails are preferred by most clients since they often look more natural and glossier compared to other types of fake nails. These nails are made using a unique mixture of polymer and monomer gel. A pre-mixed combination of these is used to create gel nails. Normally, ultra violet lights are used in order to cure these nails. However, there is now the no-light option in applying gel nails.   The advantage in choosing no-light gel nails is that you won’t have to wait for longer periods, simply to have your nails cured properly. In applying a no-light gel nail, a gel activator is normally sprayed or brushed into the nail. Dipping the nail in plain water can also be done so as to cure the gel nail. One drawback in choosing gel nails however is the expense. Compared to acrylic nails and other types of fake nails, they generally cost much more. However, if you want to have glossy, natural-looking nails, you won’t be disappointed with gel nails. Gel nails are designed to lengthen the look of your nails and to make them more durable. If you are known to have brittle nails or uneven looking nails, choosing the right fake nails will give you that well-polished look. Before choosing any type of fake nail application procedure however, make sure that you consult with a professional manicurist first. These people can advice you on the right types to go for, depending on your preferences. If you have a particular design in mind, a professional will be able to provide you with the right suggestions. Gel nails are not only easy to apply; they look good on anyone too.

10 Comments on Why Gel Nails Are A Good Choice For Your Fake Nails

  1. So do you have to wear these over other fake nails? and will they come off in the shower? should i get them done by a salon, or cheaper and easier to do them myself?

  2. They look great but eventually your nail beds get very thin because the only way the manicurist can remove the gel is with an electric filing tool. There is no way to just take off the gel. My nails are now a mess and it will probably take at least 3 months to grow out new nails.

  3. My manicurist does NOT use an electric tool, she merely files the gel down. You need to find another manicurist. I’ve had gels for 5 years, and they always look great!

  4. honestly, as a nail professional, there is no difference in acrylic and gel nails!! gel is just a premixed acrylic in a jelly like form. newer systems of gel are soak- off. any enhancement needs to be filed to get rid of bulk before soaking to cut down on soaking time. if you prefer not to have an e-file used on your nails tell your tech, if she refuses to do it by hand find another tech. its not e-files that do damage or removal that does damage, but a bad technician that does damage!!! email me if you have questions, thats what i am here for.
    kristi (licensed arizona nail tech)

  5. My daughter and I have gotten fiberglass tips for the past 5 years (13 yrs for me). Our local manicurist is phenominal and we always get compliments on our hands. My daughter just left for college – 5+ hrs away which makes it impractical to come hone for manicures. We haven’t been able to find anyone in her college town who does fiberglass tips. Seems her only options are gels or acrylics. We went to a salon that came highly recommended and her nails look so unnatural. No idea what type of artifical nails they gave her; they mixed a powder with a liquid and attached a prepolished French tip. Someone pls educate us!! What type of nails should daughter ask for, how hard are they to remove, how long do they last, and do you get fills or just have new sets applied. Pls help!

  6. can you advise if the opi nail gel system is good, i have had calgel and find this terrific, as your nail can breath underneath but not sure on the opi ones??

  7. to kristi – have had solar gel nails 3 months because of splitting and soft nails – but on the underneath side when growing out looks funky all dark and like germs- i scrub underneath with soap and brush but always be sure only the top side of nails show– is there a health hazard??? some one please help me

  8. Hi I just got my nails done with acrylic and they are already falling off.
    I got them done two days ago.
    So can you help me find a better nail place in Dothan please.
    (Not the Dothan nails place,(they don’t do nails that good that’s why my nails are falling off now.))

  9. I have tried acrylic and gel nails and can’t use either because within hours of getting them done they start to lift around my cuticles. I think this is caused by oily cuticles but Im not sure. I love having nail tips on, they look so nice, but in order for me to keep them looking nice I have to get them filled at least every 4-5 days and that gets expensive after a while. Does anyone know if there are any other types of material that can be used that might not lift as much?? And any tips for stopping them from lifting.

  10. I am trying to convince my mom to let me get gel nails, I just turned 13 a few days ago and i really would like some. all my friends are getting them and i told her i would pay for them, the only problem is she thinks they will ruin my nails because she thinks its like the acrylic glue and stuff. should i be able to get them???

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