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Why Solar Nails are Better

Women who are fond of artificial nails may be surprised to discover that solar nails are able to offer them better benefits. Having beautiful nails is always an important aspect of physical beauty. However, most of them nowadays are still stuck with the acrylic or gel types. Contrary to this, solar nails actually have several benefits which may not be easy to achieve with the common artificial types. This article will explain further how the solar variety of artificial nails is actually way better.

Solar Nail Refill

First and foremost, what gives the solar nail its clear advantage is the refill feature. With acrylic nails, it is necessary for you to replace the nails in an interval of two weeks. In the case of the solar nails, moreover, you merely need to refill them for a longer span of after three weeks. This means that you are able to experience better convenience and gain greater savings when compared to using the other varieties of artificial nails.

No Worries When Tanning

With solar nails, you don’t face the worry of damaging your nails during regular tanning sessions. This is a clear advantage since people with artificial nails normally dread going to tanning parlors, as their nails are prone to turning yellow when tanning on a regular basis. Thus, if you are someone who loves to have that golden glow and at the same time maintain the beauty of your nails, solar nails are the way to go.


Achieving stronger and longer lasting nails is another benefit that you’ll be getting with a solar nail. When it comes to wearing regular artificial nails, caution is always a requirement, since the slightest pressure could cause your nails to break or to disfigure. With the solar type, your nails will be tougher and more resilient to pressure. This is because solar nails are created using sturdy and top quality materials for added and long lasting strength. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about your nails splitting into parts, even when you merely have to dedicate a short time in applying the solar nails.

Not the Extension Variety

Unlike the common artificial types of nails, solar nails are not extensions. This is another benefit inherent in the solar types. With common acrylic nails, it is a standard to add extensions to your natural nails, exposing them to potential damage, especially if used for an extended period. Solar nails on the other hand are certainly not extensions, so your beautiful nails maintain their luster.

Polished Look

Everyone loves looking at shiny and well polished nails. Not only do beautiful nails look neat, they are also a real asset. When you use the acrylic nails, you will most likely use a certain nail polish in order to give your nails a radiant look. However, you can’t expect this shine to last for long, since it will fade eventually after a specific period. When you use a solar nail, you will have that well-polished look that is bound to last longer. This is because solar nails are glossed to begin with, so what you get are nails that shine and attract attention wherever you are.

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  1. that is true because they are not like acrylic nails i have them on right now an di like them alot so thank u for the info didnt know that thanks bye

  2. Where in Murfreesboror Tn 37129 can I get these nails
    When apply is there drills use ???

  3. Does anyone know of a place in NYC that does Solar Nails? My old manurist Vivian Nails had to close her shop on John Street.

  4. Thanks 4 da info on solar nails I learned a lot for now on I will be doing the solar nails what is the differance price wise contrast to the acrylic nails?

  5. Solar Nails ARE acrylic nails, there is no difference. The name “solar nails” came from a specific brand name, but has been generalized by the NSS (discount non standard salons) community to describe all pink and white acrylic nails. They like to tell you that “solar nails” are a revolutionary new product, but this is just a way to get you to pay more for the same old product. I am a licensed nail technician and my advice is not to buy into this scam!

  6. I have developed what I think is a fungus infection after having solar nails for about one year. I developed red soreness just below the cuticles on every nail and my thumbnails started pulling away from the nail beds. I had to take them off and my nails are a mess and it will take months for them to look presentable again. The tips of my fingers keep cracking open like paper cuts and hurt much worse. Has anyone had the same problem and how did you get rid of it.

  7. If Solar Nails are the same as Acrylic – I think that’s BULL. I’ve had Acrylic and Gel nails for over 5 yrs now. The Solar ones shine and are thin. They are almost the same as acrylic – but they don’t have dental bonding in them. They are a slightly different make. I can tell, they are lighter and much much thinner and Honestly – Acrylic does go yellow – the Solar doesn’t go yellow. Proof is in wearing them.

    Gloria with your nails that are all wrecked in 3 months they should be good. Just take care of them cuticle oil, and keep cutting them till they get strong again. Soon you’ll find yourself getting these Solar ones they are great !

  8. I love my solar nails. I have gotten my nails done for years and I finally tried solar nails. I used to have the problem with my nails coming off, but with solar nails, I rarely have a nail come off. They stay on very well and they are very strong too. Perfect for the woman who is constantly on the go.

  9. I believe that there is a Huge difference in Solar nails compared to the regular acrylic nails. I think Brittany above needs to go back to beauty school according to her comment. I have had bad experience with regular acrylic nails. Splitting, yellowing etc, etc. I finally came back around and just got my nails done Tuesday and got the solar. Already I love them and feel better. I tan on a regular basis and sont see any yellowing at all so far. Thanks!

  10. i know that there is a difference in solars because you can get different colored tips for solars. another thing is that acrylic nails yellow quickly in chlorinated water and solars do not. i work in a pool teaching swim lessons. also the solars are stonger, throwing discus is a strain on the nails and my nails are still going strong.

  11. I am a 55 year old woman, and have been getting solar nails for over a year now (and I have to say, that’s not too often). I have never been one to get manicures and paint my fingernails, but when I discovered solar nails, it was a wonderful discovery. I am very rough on my hands, but my solar nails are so durable–no nailbed infections, no chipping, no yellowing. Solar nails are my gift to myself when needed. I’ll tell you something else…get a deluxe pedicure at the same time you get your solar nails–it makes even someone like me feel so much better, and it is always heavenly.

  12. I love Solar nails. I tan and they do not turn yellow! Dont go with Acrylic, GO SOLAR!


  13. I got solar nail for the first time and I dont know much about fake nail other then I seem to like the solar nail better but when they ask how thin Med or thick tell them thin I did not know and told them med now alittle to thick for me! I want to find out if I can get them thined out at all and I would have liked them alittle shorter but other then that they are the best ones I have had!

  14. I just got my first solar nails and I love, love them. They are the best! I will never go back to regular arcrylic, what a big difference.

  15. Just had solar put on, as my nails were very weak and splitting. The solar looks fantastic, without any polish! For foodservice workers, the solar pink and white nail is the lesser of evils when it comes to artificial nail materials because you don’t need polish. They are very strong too. I have worn acrylic in the past, and disliked it.

  16. Thank you Brittney! I am a Nail Technician in BC I have been researching this “solar nail phenomenon” for awhile now, and have found the following; A very popular line of acrylic has 3 different NAMES for their products. they are no different from eachother. Some salons have taken this product (that costs the same as the others) and marketed the living hell out of it to charge unknowing clients at least $20 more per set for a plain old pink and white acrylic set. thats all you’re getting. plain and simple. They are buffed to a shine, or topped with gel and there you have it. no polish, no hassle. If people had known the proper questions to ask, they would have found the same result. I had a set put on just for shits & giggles, and it’s rubbish. If your nail tech is using any reputable product, they will not yellow. not these days, so watch your wallet, and really enquire as to what you’re getting!

  17. I just had solar nails put on…i am a 44 yr old nail bitter…I KNOW….NERVOUS HABIT…some ladies i work with in the office…had solar nails done, beautiful, my husband and i install dish n directv for a living, so i got them NOT TO LONG..just a lil’ past the end of my fingertips, only cost me 30, 20 for refills, and i am so surprised to find them so tough, my only dissapointment is that i can’t paint them, love to the natural nail goes with everything, so i’ll go solar from now on…i highly recommend them, and the puttin on of them, actually was quiet relaxing, they were very gentle, massaging, i am enjoying them greatly, and they look beautiful..Penny

  18. I have been a nail technician for 9 years now. I totally agree with Brittany and Corianna. If you are going to a reputable salon ( not a chop shop) yo should not have any problems with yellowing or any damage to the natural nails because you are not supposed to drill on the natural nail with any type of enhancement. As far as the dental bonding. that is an agent called MMA which has actually been banned from many states. There are some who still use it because it is way cheaper. So like i said go to a reputable salon and you should’nt have problems with any of your enhancements.

  19. I am also a nail tech, this is true the whole solar nail thing is a scam, you walk in and they say they are solar nails, and everyone is like oh solar nails, I’m wearing solar nails!! this is so silly, I wish you all really knew what solar nails are…NOTHING SPECIAL! If your nail tech is using a good brand, prepping the nails properly, applying the acrylic properly, and filling and drilling properly, they WILL NOT lift, this has nothing to do with solar nail brand. If your nail tech is using a good brand of acrylic they will not turn yellow, they will not break. Drills are also fine, as long as the nail tech knows what they are doing certain drill bits should not be used on natural nails and only on acrylic or what you are calling solar nails. I wish I could think of a way to explain it so you would understand. I am not saying not to go to the same salon, its obviously working for you, but please stop saying ITS SOLAR NAILS!! THEY ARE THE BEST!!!! because it sounds really stupid, don’t be tricked by this, because you really have no idea whats in those jars, it could be cheap stuff in a solar nail container. One more thing when you say its so thin and doesn’t break, thats not a good sign, do you really want something that hard on your nails? that sounds more like boat acrylic??? just please do the research before you walk around and tell everyone that you are wearing solar nails and that they are not acrylic nails, because they are acrylic nails. Please Please Please look it up

  20. I am sorry, I have been getting my nails done for years and I switched to Solar just recently (8 months) and I LOVE THEM. They stand up to lots of typing, filing, paper work, house work, husband’s back. LOL but seriously, mine look so natural that I have never been asked “where did you get those done at?” Nope, and I haven’t needed a refill in 3 1/2 weeks. Going today and I am thrilled that I have these nails. Regardless if they are they exact as acrylic or not, I personally do not care. My nail technician makes them look GREAT!

  21. I love the solar nails. They are very different from acrylic nails which I have also had. They are much thinner and look very natural. I can put nail polish over them and remove the polish with non-acetone nail polish remover and they still look great. They last me about 4 weeks and cost less than acrylic nails use to cost. Can’t see how this is a scam when they just look and feel better and cost less.

  22. I’ve had “solar nails” for years now. I love them a lot. They could be just acrylic like Brittany, Ashley and Corinna said for all I know. But just the way its applied on my nail without any more chemical than neccessary is what I like. Why should we have to put our hands under those lamps, and why does it burn sometimes? I know its that cheap stuff again. I’ve been to different salon and they always have the same technique and they last way longer. If it depended on the quality of the STUFF they’re using you would think that I would have come across some bad ones. But I haven’t. Whatever is on my nail I will call it solar and tell everone that asks. Noboby noticed the regulas acrylic ones but they do these ones.

  23. I just graduated from a 5 month long nail tech program. We were taught from our teacher, who use to work for the number one professional nail manufacturer, that “solar nails” are acrylics. Years ago an acrylic product was developed that would not turn yellow, it was marketed as solar nails. Today, all good quality professional products don’t yellow so if you’re paying more for solar nails you’re getting ripped off.
    More important, if you’re paying $20 or less for a set of nails, the nail tech is probably using MMA. It’s a cheaper product and it’ll make your nails harder but it’ll also causes health problems and can ruin your nails for life. MMA is illegal in most states but it’s very expensive for state boards to test to see if a salon is using it. MMA smells alot worse than regular monomer (acrylic liquid), more like dirty socks.
    Before I started school, I went to the cheap salons and I didn’t have a clue what I was getting put on my nails and if the tools were being properly sanitized. I’ll never do that again. Everyone – be smart.

  24. I am just her to say AGAIN what all the pervious nail techs have said. I am a nail tech as well! Solar nails are just a BRAND that does not yellow, and yes they are usually topped with a gel coat for a longer lasting shine. If you are going to a ‘chop shop’ most likely a low budget nail bar or somewhere in the mall you are paying for BAD QUALITY products which is why your nails are yellowing….I have had both gels and acrylics (I prefer gels but) my acrylics have NEVER yellowed, that is because I use a GOOD quality acrylic. Anyone who buys into the SCAM of Solar nails is not educated enough. Also a GOOD nail tech will TELL you what they are putting on your nails and explain the process to you the first time you go to them for ANY service.

  25. I get solar/gel nails and I love them. Whatever this is, it’s a powder mixed with something and turns hard on my nails and last about 4weeks. There is no fake nail attached, the stuff goes right ontop of my nail and keeps them from breaking and splitting.

  26. Ladies i just wanna say please educate yourselves about where and how you get your nails done. always make sure that the implements being used on you are properly sanitized.

  27. I am a nail tech as well. A good nail tech should walk you through the process of what the products she is applying to your nails are doing. Always ask if the acrylic she is using is non-yellowing in some of your cases or any other questions you should have. Gloria, your sore may be a bacterial infection, or a fungus. That may happen for many reasons maybe something she used was contaminated from someone else and it was used on you after. There are so many diseases out there you all need to watch for yourselves especially at these low-end salons who are just trying to make a couple of bucks. There has been some incidents where infections got so bad they had to get a body part amputated. This is something all women should take precaution about when getting their nails done. Its awsome to beautify yourself but make sure you do it right. like they say, “What you pay is what you get.”

  28. I have never had artificial nails of any sort (well, Lee Press-on nails when I was a kid), so I wasn’t familiar with the differences between acrylic, gel or solar nails. As far as I knew, artificial nails were all acrylic. So anyway, I went to get a pedi today, and the owner of the nail salon talked me into solar nails. He demonstrated on another client that they could be painted, and then used pure acetone remover. So I’m not sure I believe that they are the same as acrylic. Regardless, I love them. My nails are not thin, but they do get brittle and split. More so now that I have babies and are washing my hands all the time. So it’s been a long time since I’ve had some decent looking nails. I’m also a polish picker. So even if I were to keep my nails long, they wouldn’t look pretty. I’m happy with my “scam”. It is worth the extra $10 I paid today, and the extra $2 I will have to pay for refills.

  29. In relation to Gloria’s post on 27/10/2008 i too developed the same symptoms, such as inflamed, sore, red, itchy & swollen cuticles. Actually all of my fingers were swollen too. It was a terrible experience. I think (not confirmed) that this might be acrylic poisoning. Most people may be more tolerant to foreign substances being put on their nails than others. I also had been wearing acrylic nails for more than 16 years and they were working fine for me. The prices were approximately all the same. Now all these franchised Salons are around and because they are so competitive with each other, I’m sure they are using cheap quality acrylic. I used to visit proper Beauty Salons to get my nails done previously but now most of them don’t do acrylic nails anymore because of the competition. *** Ladies, I think we need some medical advice to explain what happens to our nails and why I and many women have had this reaction to acrylic nails ***.

  30. solar nails are the way to go!!! not only does it cost more, all the ladies that a saying that its a scam are just sad because they cant afford the $20 up charge so ladies step your game up and let them upgrade you
    xoxo Cassie

  31. Hey Ladies, So glad to have found this thread. I’m a Decorative Artist and since my hands are always in product, I recently started treating myself to fake (faux, ha!) nails to avoid looking like a bum. First I asked for ‘Acrylic nails’ which appeared to be an acrylic nail crazy-glued on and then covered with a powder and buffed. Very nice but since I’m so hard on my hands, my nails were breaking. So just a few days ago I asked for ‘Solar Pink & White nails’ and even though they still glued on acrylic nails the difference was they used a pink powder for only the nail bed area and then sculpted the white tips using the white powder as in the ‘acrylic nails’. The advantage from what I can tell is that they sculpt your white tips and they last longer since they can be applied higher on the nail and I believe the whole process is a thicker application. My only concern since I’m new to this, is how long is too long to wear fake nails?

    Thanks Ladies, would love some feedback! 🙂 and btw, I’m lovin’ my nails!!!


  32. I just heard about solar nails today. Of course I googled it and came up with this site. After reading all the comments, I have come up with this decision. I think I will follow the experts adv. If you notice that the nail techs who by the way went to school! tell everyone out there that they are a brand of acrylic, then who am I to disagree. I have been getting my nails done since the early 80’s and the very first ones that I had done were formed. At the time they popped off pretty easy. So the next time I had extensions put on with just nail mender tape put around seam. Needless to say they didn’t last very long either. Not the end of the road for different types. But it seems to me that the road might have come full circle, and with the newer bonding materials that they have they are staying on better. Yes the first ones I recieved were thinner.. But is it worth 20.00 more? I will follow the experts and just continue on with acyrilics. Thankyou nail experts for going to school and sharing your knowledge with us laymen.

  33. I, too, am a nail technician and I agree with all the other techs who have commented so far. Solar nails are a scam. It’s just a BRAND of acrylic, not a special miracle system of acrylic. Yes, it is a good quality brand, but you should not be paying any more for them than you would be for a regular set of acrylic. I use the dipping system of acrylic nails. I find them to be thinner and stronger than the traditional system of doing acrylics and they do not yellow (just like “solar nails”) but i do not charge extra for them. A lot of it is personal preference, how educated the nail tech is, and whether or not they prep the nail properly, but ladies, please please please do your research on the products and the salons before you get your nails done. Solar nails are nothing special and you should not be tricked into paying more for them since they do not cost the tech more to do.

  34. Don’t listen to the nail geniuses here. They resent the walk-in places because they can’t compete with the prices. I love solars and I don’t care if they’re made out of rubber tires. I paid only $35 for a full set of solar pink and whites. It takes the technician a lot time and expertise to apply them so I wasn’t overcharged. I’ve had acrylics and the process stinks to high Heaven, the nails look thick and phony and need 2 week fills. Nobody is deceiving me when I’m willing to pay for what I want – solar nails. These nail techs here need to understand it’s about pleasing the customer and that’s what these walk-in places do.

  35. Hey guys. First off, I just want to clarify that I am looking to get my nails done for the first time. I was set on getting acrylics… Then I heard of “solar nails”. And I came to this site for help. So far, I’m sort of laughing at some of the nail techs. If it’s such a scam, then why are so many happy women comenting that they really are better? My favorite comments belong to Susan and Debbie! They really make me want to get the solar nails! They sound so much better than the regular acrylics. So besides doing some good research on what salon to go to and how clean they are, can anyone give me some tips about what to look for and what to ask for when I get my nails for the first time?

    I appreciate all of the comments they were a big help! :]

  36. Personally, I think alot of the nail “techs” on here have a nasty attitude. First off, the rest of us are NOT nail techs so we are posting what we know or have had done or was told. We aren’t paid to do nails or learn about them. I want to go in, get a cool set and a cool design and go. So, to tell people they sound stupid just for saying what they are told, is ignorant and makes me doubt your intelligence. That being said, I’m going to try “SOLAR” nails this week and I’m excited to be creative with the cool glittery colors.

  37. I moved to NYC a few years ago and am on the hunt for a good place to get artificial nails but it seems like there isn’t a single salon in all of Manhattan that has even heard of solar nails. I grew up in Texas and had artificial nails on several occasions and can absolutely say solar nails are beautiful and worth the extra money! I had acrylics a few times and after hearing about solar nails, I made the switch and never went back. And now I’m looking for a place in NYC that offers them and am having zero luck! Has anyone found these nails in New York??

  38. I just recently heard about solar nails and have been trying to do some research on the internet and I am confused about one thing. The professionals are saying they are just acryllic nails and the salons are just charging more but the salon I stopped by yesterday the solar nails were actually $10 cheaper than the acryllic, so why would that be if it’s just a scam to get more money for the same old product? I am going to have to do more research after reading all these comments because some say a tip is added, some say it isn’t, some say they use polish and some say they can’t???? I don’t get why there’s all the variances. I’ve had gel and plain acryllic and the pink and white acryllic. I’ve liked them all and never had any issues with t hem with the exception that they lift if they don’t use enough of the bonding agent. Off to do more research I guess…..

  39. As I am reading all the comments on this topic of Solar nails I could not hold back and give some insight. I have done nails for over 13 years and as for myself I have had the acrylics and gels, until recently I did the solar. I have to say that I am experiencing lifting on all nails, something I never had with acrylics. If you read into Solar Nails, it specifically states it is just a Brand provided by CND. The only advantage to this acrylic and its contaminents is that they are beneficial for people who tan. I do not tan, and I dont think I will ever use this product again. So ladies, read into it before we begin pointing fingers, its all a hype and for all of you falling for it, that is the intended purpose of such marketing:)

  40. last week me and my friend went and got our nails done. she had got solar and I got acyrlic.
    I have no idea what soler was, but when I seen hers I was jealous. mine were cute too but hers was shiny and so natural looking. so now I want to go back but after reading all
    These comments I am not sure what I want to do. you guys make me want to just take off my nails talking about ot these infections. I do want to try solar, beacause I rather have a high quality acyrlic. I do respect the nail techs but most of us could care less if we get ripped off. we just want good quality and pretty nails 2. I’m bout to get these taking off and get some solar.

  41. I’ve been getting “Solar Nails” since 2008 after using plain ol’ acrylics and I have never looked back! I’m sure Solars are a type of acrylic but they last longer and look better than regular acrylics. I don’t mind paying more for a better product. You can also do more with Solars like instead of regular white tips, I’ve gotten glitter tips (which is actually a glitter powder) in white,pink, black, purple, blue,…you get the point. I was never able to get done with regular acrylics. They also last alot longer and are more durable. As far as people getting infections, it all depends on how they(the nail salon) sterilize their tools/equipment. My nail salon never uses unlabed containers, and sterilized tools in a sterilization bag and then put into an autoclave. Nail staions are clean, and pedicure spas are Always cleaned with cleaning products after each use. I work for the health department in Texas, so cleanliness, sterilization procedures,storage of chemicals, and operators licenses are just few of things I look at.

  42. I have a question for the nail techs. I used to get an acrilic nail when I was in my late teens early twenties, they needed to be filled every two weeks but mine never lasted that long and they would pop off, I agree that it could have been the salon I was going to. I am very rough on my hands and have always been so. I understand the the term “Solar nails” is just another acrilyic product and I can accept that. Is it possible that the so called “solar nails” which I have now may be the better brand thats these other salons are offering for a higher price, because it is more expensive when they purchase the powder. Also everytime I get my nails done now it takes about and hour to two hours depending upon if I am getting a fill or have to get the white done. I understand that ‘solar nails” is just another term used for a product. But is it possible that at a salon that they differenciate a cheaper brand of acrilic nail powder from the higher better quality acrilic powder “solar nails”. Also when I first started going to my new salon about a year and ahalf ago, I had asked for gel nails which was the same price as the “solar nails’ they said that the gel was orginally created for those who may have an allergy to acrilic. that may or may not be true I am not sure and I will have to research further. however sense I have had “solar nails” they do not pop off, i have only broken one (part of the tip), but that was because a hammer hit it, and I can go 3 to 4 weeks without needing a fill and 6 to 8 weeks without having to have the tip redone. When I first got them on my natural nail, with no other artifical nail on it they did place a plastic tip on the very top of my nail before applying the powder, my natural nail is very thin, dry and brittle, bad combination to deal with when you want pretty nails, with a little length. I also keep my nails short and hae them cut down everytme I go in. I have not had any issues with infections or any other sort, and I prefer the buff shine to the polish because it does not peel or flake off, it also looks more natural, again I am very rough on my hands, i have goats, and other animals which I take care of as well I garden. Personally I have seen a difference but again it may be that the salon I go to markets their better brand og scrilyic as “solar” and their $20.00 set is a less quality brand. I guess the only way to know is to ask.

  43. Ladies not sure which is better but I do know if your skin around your nails is red swollen and your nails are. Pulling away from the bed and you have cracks on your skin that really hurts YOU HAVE A SERIOUS FUNGAL INFECTION. Seek immediate medical help. I was told. I had psoriosis. But after 3 years os suffering. I was put on oral LAMISAL. And my.hands ,nails are great. No itching, cracks,or nails falling off the nail bed.

  44. I’ve been researching these solar nails and yup it’s a different type of acrylic. I’ve watched YouTube vids and it’s applied the same way as the traditional acrylic we are used to. For that reason, I personally wouldn’t try unless it was the same or cheaper as what I pay now. But I am curious as to why the timing for a fill is longer. I don’t know if that’s a good thing because that just means your nail isn’t growing. Interesting thread.

  45. Just got my solars yesterday, immediately went home and mopped and cleaned my house, my mop water consists of the most harsh chemicals you could imagine, including bleach, I also tan, I also wear a dark brown makeup…my nails have a white tip too, trust me im gonna go hard to test them out. My nails still look like I just walked out of the salon after all the chemicals yesterday and makeup and all 🙂 im excited! Usually by now the white tip would be off white or tinged and they would be dull after those chemicals in one day. Im happy. 🙂 and my boyfriend thinks their SUPER sexy!

  46. I had solar nails done for my brother’s wedding three weeks ago and I LOVE them. It’s worth the extra $5 or $10 IMO to have this “brand of acrylic” because it LOOKS so much better and much more natural and seriously does not lift, become discolored or anything else. By far the best faux nail experience for me and I’ve been having them done off and on for over 15 years….

  47. I agree the Gel nails are great. I too have worn both and there is no way they are the same..My Gel nails last for almost a month before fill and they do not turn yellow if anyone is like me and a smoker. I love my Gel nails and wont go back to acrylic!!! My nails still grow underneath the gel nail

  48. I had my solar nails done today , I’m happy they look beautiful ,but I’m more confused now I ‘ve read the reviews . Every where says the process is the same for Solar and acrylics,but what I had experimented today was totally diferent. The first layer was applied as a base ,then the white tip was applied like a regular french (no powder or anything like that) then the glitter on top and the final gloss , on every coat the nails were under the light,it looked a very simple process ,I can even tell natural , the lenght is my own no additional lenght was added .They looks like my natural nail a little bit reinforced. I paid $25.00(I never had acrylics done before ) I love the fact that the color on artificial nail last longer than naturals ,of course, but since I have long and healthy nails I avoided any kind of fake ones ,the only reason I did it is because the nail polish don’t last more than the first day I have them done , that causes my nails to brake very often.No way ,I looked at my nails the rest of the week and feel they need to be redone.

  49. I got my solar nails a few months ago. Loved them. Then, I was away from home and went to a different salon. A week later, my nails were yellowing and starting to lift off. I waited until I returned home and by then, 2 had popped off. Was told they need to come off due to possible fungus. Now, my nails are as thin as paper and splitting. Nobody tells you it damages your natural nails.

  50. I am 46 and I have been getting solar nails at a walk in studio for over 7 years now. My natural nails still grow underneath them and seem quite healthy. I love my solar nails and would not consider going without them. I hear what the nails tech are saying but I dont completely agree, way back when I started with acrylic, the tips were spray painted on. The solar nails are sculpted with the white powder first and then a pink powder is then applied over the entire nail which is then buffed with another substance that really brings out the shine. The whole thing takes about 45 min to an hour and you cannot compare the outcome with the white spray painted tips that wear off so quickly and just dont last! So im sorry tech ladies, you have to compare apples with apples. It may indeed be an acrylic type powder but the whole thing is very different from the way they used to do acrylic fake nails. As someone mentioned, with solar nails, you can also get different colours on the tips, which is very trendy and I think looks great on younger gals but i need to look professional and I was so happy last time I was in, when they suggested I do my entire nail with a soft pink color. It looks so fresh and pretty for spring. Something else to consider ladies for a different look than the usual french manicure.

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