Why Solar Nails are Better

Women who are fond of artificial nails may be surprised to discover that solar nails are able to offer them better benefits. Having beautiful nails is always an important aspect of physical beauty. However, most of them nowadays are still stuck with the acrylic or gel types. Contrary to this, solar nails actually have several benefits which may not be easy to achieve with the common artificial types. This article will explain further how the solar variety of artificial nails is actually way better.

Solar Nail Refill

First and foremost, what gives the solar nail its clear advantage is the refill feature. With acrylic nails, it is necessary for you to replace the nails in an interval of two weeks. In the case of the solar nails, moreover, you merely need to refill them for a longer span of after three weeks. This means that you are able to experience better convenience and gain greater savings when compared to using the other varieties of artificial nails.

No Worries When Tanning

With solar nails, you don’t face the worry of damaging your nails during regular tanning sessions. This is a clear advantage since people with artificial nails normally dread going to tanning parlors, as their nails are prone to turning yellow when tanning on a regular basis. Thus, if you are someone who loves to have that golden glow and at the same time maintain the beauty of your nails, solar nails are the way to go.


Achieving stronger and longer lasting nails is another benefit that you’ll be getting with a solar nail. When it comes to wearing regular artificial nails, caution is always a requirement, since the slightest pressure could cause your nails to break or to disfigure. With the solar type, your nails will be tougher and more resilient to pressure. This is because solar nails are created using sturdy and top quality materials for added and long lasting strength. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about your nails splitting into parts, even when you merely have to dedicate a short time in applying the solar nails.

Not the Extension Variety

Unlike the common artificial types of nails, solar nails are not extensions. This is another benefit inherent in the solar types. With common acrylic nails, it is a standard to add extensions to your natural nails, exposing them to potential damage, especially if used for an extended period. Solar nails on the other hand are certainly not extensions, so your beautiful nails maintain their luster.

Polished Look

Everyone loves looking at shiny and well polished nails. Not only do beautiful nails look neat, they are also a real asset. When you use the acrylic nails, you will most likely use a certain nail polish in order to give your nails a radiant look. However, you can’t expect this shine to last for long, since it will fade eventually after a specific period. When you use a solar nail, you will have that well-polished look that is bound to last longer. This is because solar nails are glossed to begin with, so what you get are nails that shine and attract attention wherever you are.

Solar Nails
Solar Nails

Solar Nails are the next best thing to your own natural nails. Solar Nails are just like a French manicure with all the pampering but without the hassle. They are applied in a two step application. After your nails have been prepared for the application by cleaning and buffing your nails …

Solar Nails
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Solar Nails
Solar Nails are the next best thing to your own innate nails.

Solar nails are alike acrylic but solar nails are made with a slightly different material. They are not extensions like other acrylic nails because they are applied directly to your own innate nail. The 1st thing your nail technician will do to apply solar nails is to brush on the “white part” of …